LinkedIn_PicHello! My name is Dr. Brian Kurkjian. I am a training and development professional with 9+ years’ cumulative experience developing ILT, vILT, with the last three years strictly dedicated to eLearning, and instructional design.

By God’s grace, a little faith, and a chance taken by Steve Fricke – senior eLearning developer, instructional designer, writer, editor, and President of Illinois Pro Services – I was able to build a solid foundation which propelled me to new and exciting heights in this career.

For a full disclosure and my first-year testimony in the eLearning and instructional design trade, see my blog post.

I have created eLearning and developed instructional design for Fortune 500 and smaller, private companies in the financial, airline, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, construction, oil and gas, energy, and IT industries. Design and deliverable complexity has ranged from level I to level III; in other words, limited user interaction, animation, and use of audio/video, to extensive video, audio, animation, augmented reality (AR), branching, and advanced scenario based learning.

Having designed a variety of instruction for training and compliance, I am familiar and have incorporated various learning theories such as Malcolm Knowles’ Andragogy, Transformational Learning, and Experiential Learning. The content, audience, and projected outcome drives the implementation of one or more learning theories; thus, it becomes client and project specific.

For a full list of skills, please visit my LinkedIn profile.