Recent Project Highlights

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
24-Hour Course – August 2019

This project began with six outdated PowerPoint presentations from the late 90s to early 2000s. My task was to convert the PowerPoints to an eLearning course with various types of interactions, knowledge checks, and final assessments using Articulate Storyline 3. All learners taking the course did so with the goal of obtaining a safety certificate (with successful completion of the final assessment) stating they have met all requirements for said content.

EM 385 – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – March 2019

This was a 900+ page, PDF monster! I was tasked with taking the entire EM 385 PDF and converting it into an eLearning course, using Storyline 3, that was initially in the works roughly six years prior to me receiving it. Needless to say, it was a “thorn” in my boss’s side for quite some time. Since it needed to be done ASAP, I used a rapid development model to bypass some of the more formal analysis. The rapid development model, paired with a liberal use of reusable learning objects, helped streamline the project to completion in just about three months. The thorn was removed from my boss’s side, and he was able to breathe a sigh of relief!

Leading Effective Decision-Making – September 2018

Yes! The client brought me back for another stellar project (see Finance for Non-Finance Mangers). This project was very similar to the finance course from May of 2017. I was still working with material from ivy league professors to create a blended learning course in PowerPoint, breaking up subject matter into manageable (and palatable) microlearning sessions. This project was again a huge success, and an invite to even more members of the team (with the company I worked for) was made to take on future projects.

OSHA Safety Training – May 2018

Property restoration comes with some hefty risks. Thus, safety is of the utmost importance. I was tasked by a property restoration company to put together a web-based training using PowerPoint. By taking outdated content and updating it using fresh content provided by the client, along with giving the images, graphics, and videos a facelift, I was able to complete multiple safety training courses over a 2-3 month period, including fall protection, asbestos awareness, personal protective equipment, fire safety, crane safety, and confined spaces, just to name a few.

Tax Training for Non-Tax Professionals – January 2018

It’s always a feel good moment when you get to create eLearning for a non-profit tax organization that helps low SES families prepare their tax returns for free. The eLearning they wanted developed (in Storyline 360) was training non-tax professionals on how to accurately prepare taxes, and the intricacies surrounding the basic federal tax code. Their storyboards were well thought out and easy to build from. Better yet, they allowed a generous amount of autonomy when it came to the design, look, and feel of each course. After how well the project went, they wanted us to update and develop additional tax courses the very next tax season. What a pleasure it was to work with this client.

Finance for Non-Finance Mangers – May 2017

Working with video and classroom outlines from ivy league professors was something new to me. These were some of the most polished experts if the field of finance. It was up to me to impress, and I did just that. With video and classroom material in hand, I was ready to put together a blended learning finance course in PowerPoint for some of the most impressive C-suite individuals in the U.S. My job was to take the videos and classroom material, and condense it into well-organized, concise, and bit sized micro-learning lessons. May I just say, it was a tremendous success! Even better, the client ask that I take on another project in the months to follow (see Leading Effective Decision-Making).

8 Ways to Gain Experience in eLearning and ID

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